This Pilates mat class is a unique, challenging and a safe method of exercises that will increase agility in your every day movements. The main emphasis will be to balance all muscle groups with strength and flexibility to help you feel centered and at ease with your new baby. It will emphasize the proper use of core muscles and techniques for improving diastasis. This class will give moms the opportunity to take care of themselves while enjoying the company of their little one. Mamas are encouraged to go at their own pace and rest whenever needed.
Babies will laugh and cry, fuss and fidget. If baby needs to be fed or changed during class, no problem! You’ll notice during class that every baby will do the same! Mamas are able to simply stop and attend to their needs at any point and rejoin the practice when they are ready.
Moms can attend classes as soon as they are medically cleared for exercise (usually 6 weeks post-partum).
Please check with your midwife or doctor before attending class. You are welcome to attend until your baby begins to crawl and “graduates” from class. Twins are welcome, but older siblings will need to make other plans.
Bring a blanket for your baby, mats are provided.
This class is located in our gorgeous loft space at 14-20 Willet Avenue, Port Chester, NY. Please see our website for location and parking information.
Pre-registration is required.  Go to