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  • Private

  • $105
  • $900
    10 Class Package
  • 1 client/ 1 instructor
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  • Duet

  • $65
  • $550
    10 Class Package
  • 2 clients/ 1 instructor
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  • Studio Spring Classes

  • $45
  • $375
    10 Class Package
  • 5 clients/ 1 instructor
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  • Virtual Mat Class

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    10 Class Package
  • Virtual Mat Class
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All sessions are 55 minutes. All sessions are pay per session. All prices are per person. There are no membership fees or monthly fees. You may pay per visit or purchase a 10 session package at a discounted price. Gift certificates are available. All Packages have a six month expiration starting from the date of purchase.


Private Session

This is a personal Pilates training session with one of our professionally certified instructors. The workout is tailored to your individual fitness needs and goals. The exercises will incorporate various types of equipment such as the: reformer, cadillac, wunda chair, electric chair, large barrel, spine corrector and pedipull. The session will also incorporate various mat exercises and props such as arm weights, magic circles, bands and balls. Made by appointment only.

Duet Session

This is a Pilates session where 2 clients are working simultaneously with 1 instructor. Pilates machines are utilized, and some mat exercises are incorporated into the routine like the private session. You may provide your own partner, or request to be paired up. All partners must be at similar level. Made by appointment only.

Studio Spring Class

This small group mat class (maximum of 5 people) incorporates the mat routine and the Pilates springs. It is an excellent way to experience the Pilates apparatus including leg springs, arm springs and roll back bar exercises. Our newly renovated large room has been designed for safety and social distancing. Mask are required in the studio. We encourage you to bring your own mat to place on top of ours. Our experienced staff is ready to provide you with a challenging and unique Pilates workout.

Virtual Mat Classes

This virtual class will provide a unique Pilates experience in the comfort of your own home. Join our experienced instructors live for a 55 minute Pilates mat workout. Classes are available 7 days a week. Visit our Class Calendar to register.

Studio Policies

24 Hour Cancellation Policy

In order to accommodate all clients and schedules, there is a 24 hour cancellation policy on all sessions. Please call 24 hours before your session in order to avoid being charged.


  • Schedule all sessions and group classes in advance.
  • There is no membership fee or monthly fee. Everything is pay per session.
  • You may purchase the 10 package series at a discounted price.


  • Please be prompt. Classes start on time.
  • Health forms and Fitness waivers are for studio and instructor use only. Information will not be shared with other sources. It is exclusively used to prepare a safe and appropriate workout.
  • It is recommend that clients wear socks during there session.
  • Wear comfortable exercise clothes. No jeans, no shoes.
  • If you are new to the Pilates experience, we recommend doing at least 1 private session before attempting a group mat class.
  • To schedule an appointment, please email info@fiorepilates.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to see results?

This will depend on your commitment. Most people who attend 2 Pilates sessions per week will see results within 2 months.

Is Pilates only for women?

No, Pilates was developed by a man (Joseph Pilates) and designed to strengthen all body types, both male and female. The emphasis on core muscle toning and flexibility are extremely important and challenging for men.

Is it beneficial to work with different instructors?

Yes. Every instructor has something unique to offer. You will benefit from their different observations, exercise choices, and explanations.

What should I wear?

Pilates is best performed in comfortable, form-fitting clothing and socks.

Why do I need to wear socks?

The studio policy requires socks in order to maintain a clean and sanitary environment. Socks with grips on the soles are available for purchase.

Is the apparatus or mat routine more challenging?

The most beneficial workout routine should incorporate both mat and apparatus. The mat routine is a very challenging set of exercises designed to strengthen your muscles using your own body resistance. Fluidity, repetition, stability, and flexibility are emphasized in a mat class. A session on the Pilates apparatus provides more attention to details, weak muscles, injuries and a more personalized workout. The apparatus provides isometric resistance, which can help you to perform the exercises better, therefore challenging you even further.

Is Pilates a cardiovascular workout?

Yes but at a more advanced level. The major goals of Pilates are strengthening, flexibility, control, concentration, centering, alignment and relaxation.

Is it safe to practice Pilates during pregnancy?

Yes. If your doctor has approved exercise during your pregnancy then Pilates is an excellent choice. It will help with back pain, sciatica, weight gain, blood pressure, breathing, stress reduction, and post-natal recovery. It is never recommended to start a new exercise during pregnancy. If you begin Pilates first it will be easier and safer to maintain your workout during your pregnancy.

How do I register for a class?

Please email info@fiorepilates.com or call 914-381-3201 for private sessions. For group or virtual classes please to register on the Class Calendar page

Where do I park?

There is metered parking in front of the studio. There is free parking on the opposite side of the street.