Eight years ago, my neck and shoulder muscles were really bothering me. I was an older new mom who had a lot of muscle tension, was not sleeping much and was not used to lifting and carrying a child around. I started to wake up with numbness in my fingers when sleeping on my side. I thought I needed physical therapy. I happened to mention how I felt to a friend and dedicated client of Fiore Pilates, Naomi K. She told me about Fiore Pilates and she inspired me to try it, and it changed my life. I started with some privates and then continued with mat classes. I never needed a physical therapist or a medical doctor. I have been a happy client since then. I don’t have aches and pains any more, my posture has improved and I have never been in better shape. It is so well run by Tracy, the owner. The staff is very patient, encouraging and all are excellent instructors. They clearly demonstrate the exercises, describe proper form and modification options, and adjust your position so you can feel it correctly. It is so much fun. The instructors have a sense of humor. I always leave feeling great and relaxed in both my mind and body. The few occasions when I have not found the time to take a Pilates class I have always regretted it and returned!

My first introduction to Pilates was at a local YMCA/YWCA. The instruction by a non-certified Pilates instructor was provided in a large gym with many participants. After a few months I sought another venue to continue my Pilates exercise instruction, hoping for a more personal approach.

I found Fiore Pilates and signed up for a mat class – max of 8 participants – always taught by a certified instructor. What a difference, as there is time for personal attention, and the instruction is progressive. I have also taken an occasional private lesson on some of the equipment, which is focused on my weak spots, and is a terrific workout!

Not only has my posture improved, but so have my balance, strength and flexibility, which have helped to improve my overall well-being not to mention my tennis game and skiing performance. And as a by the by, I was no 20, 30 or even 40 something year old when I first started at Fiores. Many thanks to each of the instructors who have taught me over the past seven plus years, and in particular to Tracey Fiore for maintaining such a professional and fun exercise opportunity!

When I first walked into Fiore Pilates, I noticed how warm and welcoming it was. This was important to me because, as a senior citizen with a history of back injuries, an overly sensitive nervous system due to trauma, and much anxiety, I so very much needed to feel accepted. I also noticed that some clients were younger than me, some older, and were all different shapes and sizes. (This is a truly inclusive community, a model for gym and yoga studios to aspire to). I felt at home very quickly.

Still, there were physical and mental issues that I needed to reveal to teachers, so that they would know how to work with me. Being in a new environment with bright lights, sounds, and new equipment to try, challenged my system. I felt I needed some control over how the session went, so that I could feel safe. I was so grateful to find teachers who could work with me around these issues without watering my seeds of shame. Yes, it took courage to ask, but my teachers’ generosity and patience has been truly healing.

So it’s been about a year and a half of of journeying on this road. As I gain strength, toning, and endurance, I no longer have back problems. I walk taller, feeling whole. My sense of mastery over the Pilates equipment and exercises lifts my confidence in life. The encouraging words from so many at Fiore Pilates continues to nourish me, and is a true gift. I appreciate that my dedication to taking care of myself now will also have rewards later in life. I envision myself walking tall, feeling whole, and working out at Fiore Pilates for a long time to come!

Fiore Pilates is a wonderful place with a great staff of great people and a tremendous facility. For ten years my wife has been telling me how great Pilates at Fiore is. Thank God I finally listened and got there this year. it’s been a great experience. Plus It’s been a huge benefit to my well-being. I had a back issue which motivated me to come in and my improvement has been wonderful. Anyone hearing these words, come on it’s a great place, great people and you’ll be much the better for it.

I came to Fiore Pilates just under 3 years ago and my life was changed forever!
When I came in for my first private lesson I was a mess, my shoulders hunched and practically touching my ears from bulging disks and arthritis in my neck; with an impingement in my right shoulder from nerve damage as a result of prior breast cancer surgery; in chronic discomfort; and way too reliant on Advil to get through most days. I’d just finished my second round of physical therapy in two years and was hoping to find some exercises that could help strengthen my shoulders and take some of the pressure off my neck. Little did I know that I’d find a new way of looking at and connecting to my body.

My amazing Fiore instructors were able to help me identify where the imbalances were in my gait and posture and worked with me to correct them, and under their watchful attention I was finally able to find and learn to use my core muscles, which I firmly believed didn’t even exist. In the beginning of my training I struggled through each session and couldn’t do something as basic as a roll up and now I’ve progressed to the point of being able to take 2 to 3 mat classes a week. Not only am I no longer in chronic pain, but I actually feel better than I’ve felt in years. It isn’t just exercises and stretches that I’ve learned in my time at Fiore, but more importantly, body awareness that carries through to everything I do.

7 years ago, our client Jennifer, dropped her twin children off for their first day of school. She had no idea what to do with her “free time” that she hadn’t experienced in years. She began driving around town and pulled over in front of Fiore Pilates. She needed to start taking care of herself and we were happy to help! Since then she has dedicated herself to better health and fitness with Pilates. We are so proud of her.

Great workouts- great staff- the location and facility is very welcoming. Each instructor has her own style and focus, giving each class and the workout a different feel. I looked for a facility where the classes would be easy enough in the beginning and continue to be challenging. I have found this with Fiore. The instructors give direction during the class explaining how to safely create more resistance. This simple instruction increases the difficulty of the exercise. I am stronger, firmer and feel much better since I began working out at Fiore.

Tracy and the gang are the best!! I’ve been going to Fiore Pilates for over 4 years and am very happy with the way my body has improved! The instructors are knowledgable, skilled and fun! Best workout ever!!

I can’t say enough about how wonderful and life changing Fiore Pilates is. After years of following a strict cardio routine at the gym, I was amazed to see the dramatic results with Pilates. The trainers at Fiore are very knowledgeable and skilled, not to mention very friendly and welcoming. It is a wonderful environment and great place to get in shape. I’d recommend Fiore Pilates to anyone looking to change their shape, get in shape or stay in shape!

Great place. Very friendly and helpful staff. They provide classical Pilates…based on the original format. The teachers are all excellent and well-trained in the classical style. I have been going for 2 years now and my body has totally changed–every single muscle is in shape. I started out barely able to do a sit up and now I’m doing many advanced exercises. I also used to have chronic back pain, but this has greatly helped. Mat classes are small and you can have private/semi private sessions on the machines. I highly recommend this studio to help you get in and stay in shape. I also always seem to leave very relaxed and focused.

To know Tracy Fiore, is to love her! Her upbeat, positive manner and passion for Pilates trickles down to everyone involved with the studio. I have been going to Fiore Pilates since 2004 and can’t recommend it enough. Everyone is friendly and all the instructors are highly trained, approachable, and engaging. Pilates is a great workout. It has lengthened, strengthened, and relaxed me. The studio is well-kept and all staff there are top notch. The studio easily serves beginners to advanced. The mat classes are intimate as only 8 can go at a time. The schedule is out far in advance so you can book times according to schedule. Help is always available. Communication is excellent.

Great place, very professional teachers. Mat classes take a maximum of 8, which is not too big. Also offer private and semi-private lessons on equipment . Lots of classes offered.

If you have had it with large impersonal classes at the gym, you must try Fiore Pilates. Each instructor is not only highly skilled but attentive and careful. I have been injury free for the 2+ years I’ve been participating, feel stronger and toned, well-stretched and even measure an inch taller! The staff is friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere is inviting. Check it out!

I have been coming to Fiore Pilates for nearly 1 year and cannot say enough positive things. I started off as an absolute beginner but quickly built up confidence thanks to the attentive instructors’ guidance and knowledge. The 8 person mat classes are offered at convenient times throughout the day and into the evening, and each instructor is a pleasure to work with. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, so people of all difficultly levels should feel comfortable. Even the studio itself makes you feel at home and at ease! What started out as a last minute decision to tag along with someone to a mat class, has 1 year later turned into a very important part of my week that I truly value. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of this wonderful pilates studio!!